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Prodigy Roleplay Stories and Biographies

The old Prodigy Classic network featured chat rooms that had legions of rabid members. My particular haunt was the Supernatural chat room, where fantasy roleplaying was the magnet that drew a wide assortment of people. My first character there was Echo, for whom this Web Design business is now named.

These pages will be particularly interesting to those who are looking for roleplay character biographies or dramatic-style web sites. They contain the early history of my roleplay characters.

From the earliest entries to the last, a clear progression in my maturity as a web page designer is evident. Many of the early pages are poorly done and embarrassing, but keep in mind I was just a beginner then. It was, in fact, the sequence dealing with Echo's death, near the end of the histories, that launched me into professional web design.

Echo's Home spans dozens of fairly small web pages. I learned the hard way about broken links and broken images - and about the language of web pages, HTML.

I was then asked to donate my time and efforts to the Prodigy Roleplay Forum, to do character biographies. These biographies form the second section of my personal web pages. Again, those who browse these web pages thoroughly will see growth as my education progressed.

I am indebted to legions of web artists whose graphics were used on these not-for-profit pages. Please remember, as you stroll among these imaginary lives, mine or others', that the graphics you see there, other than my own, cannot be used on websites created by Echo's WebMagic, and none of the graphics may be used by you or by another designer for you. It is a violation of copyright for anyone to make commercial use of the work of others without permission. If a client finds graphics by another artist on the web and wishes to incorporate them into a website, Echo's WebMagic will negotiate with the original artist for the rights to use the art.

One more note before you go visiting - there are some broken links in these pages - mainly to external pages which have moved or vanished from the web. Time permitting, I will one day clean these up - but our clients come first.

Enjoy these pages!

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